Rockcastle Gun Show, Feb. 16, 2017

Awesome show with amazing guests. Cy Hudson, CEO of Hudson MFG  – The all new Hudson H9 pistol has taken the market by storm.  Alexander Crown, Director of Marketing of GEMTECH discusses their innovation line of silencers and the impact for the average gun buyer of the National Hearing Protection Act.  Last but not least we are joined by Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Randi Rogers:  From dominating Cowboy Action Shooting champ to multi-time world and national champion in modern style shooting sports, Randi Rogers, A.K.A Holy Terror, is definitely what you call a top shot!  Randi is also Marketing Manager for Comp-Tac holsters.  Listen live on ESPN 102.7 Bowling Green, stream live on ESPNKY.COM/wwku and catch all of our shows via podcast on iTunes.  It is time to @Shoot_The_Rock  !!  #shoottherock #2aliving #rockcastlegunshow #smithandwesson #gemtechsilencer #hudsonmfg #pewpewlife #liveradio

Check out this episode!

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